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Monarch Brodcaast™ DScript 3D™ HD CG Live On Air Graphics System is a powerful yet cost effective CG solution that brings a host of new features to the CG platform. It provides you with a complete graphics solution including a character generator, sequencer, key frame animation editor, subtitler with multiple layer compositing and playout capabilities. Based on GPU processing architecture and DirectX 3D technology, it provides powerful 3D real-time rendering performance. Monarch Brodcaast™ DScript 3D™ HD offers a feature rich design system for creation of 3D graphics and animation.


  • Real-time 2D & 3D HD / SD graphics & animation
  • Independent main and look-ahead preview channel
  • Multiple layer compositing and playout
  • Dynamic data receiving and updating
  • Advanced character generator tools
  • Real-time 2D & 3D DVE
  • Flexible & easy creation of 3D text & objects
  • Built-in 3D figure builder

Exclusive Features

Exclusive Main and Look-ahead Preview Channel

  • Main and preview channels for monitoring on air graphics
  • Displays broadcast status of On-Air template and standby template channels simultaneously
  • Allows adjustments to standby templates while on air
  • Provides last minute changes and maximum security over the broadcasting process

Dynamic 3D Animation

  • Offers drag-and-drop 3D modeling for fast creation of 3D objects
  • Provides multiple adjustable parameters for 3D objects including choice of materials, light effects and properties.
  • Supports objects from third party software or plug-ins like 3D Studio Max® / DirectX® for easy import into the system.
  • Allows import of TGA image sequence files, FLC, FLI and SWF files

Automatic Real-time Information Updates

  • Connects to all external data sources supported by ODBC
  • Supports dynamic text data coming from text feeds or ODBC compliant databases for onscreen updating in real-time
  • Automatically read external data sources for real-time delivery of news subtitle, financial data and local news
  • Built-in 3D figure Builder like pie charts and flow diagrams
  • Allows easy updates for 3D charts by updating source data, such as financial data, weather forecast, sports results, election results and traffic information

Powerful Text Effects

  • More than 100 templates to fulfill your needs
  • Create unlimited custom looks by changing the face, edge, depth, shadow and style of any text with ease
  • 2D and 3D real-time effects include fire, blur, light, ghost, fold, mosaic, distortion, soft movement, sphere distortion, cylinder distortion, explosion, overlay, rotation and many more.

Multiple Layer Compositing and Playout

  • Allows multi-layering functions to build and control multiple layers of graphics
  • Graphic elements and layers are blended and rendered in real-time
  • Delivers multiple number of layers while allowing the operator to maintain complete control over each individual layer independently
  • Supports composition of independent layers into a single physical output channel
  • Insert and hide clock timers, still or animated logos, bugs, channel ID's, Lower Thirds, Scoreboards, over the shoulder graphics, tickers and crawl with ease
  • Allows control of crawl speed, content and icons any time

Other Features

  • Supports full screen animation and video clips of various formats in real-time
  • ID based search mode for templates for invoking content replacement and information update
  • Embedded animated logo player can play up to 18 logos simultaneously
  • Supports crawls and rolls which can be adjusted for speed and content at any time while playing
  • Built-in subtitle player to incorporate two layers of multi lingual subtitles for on - air broadcast
  • Font effects support facet, perimeter, three dimensional edge, shadow, perimeter three dimensional edge and perimeter shadow six layer graphic
  • Time Player provides count-up and countdown clock, as well as hour and half hour alarm functions
  • Embedded 3D Figure Builder supports to connect 3D chart with external database to update 3D chart with the change of external data sources
  • Support to import 3DS Max® and DirectX® files, keyframe animation and skeletal animation
  • Edit all objects (title, image, animation, AVI file, subtitle and rolling) based on the same time line
  • Combination of key frame and special effect
  • Abundant in & out effect and still effect presets
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