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Monarch Brodcaast™Infotic™ Pro provides the function of overlaying text crawls and animated logo as graphic layers on an incoming live video source. With Monarch Brodcaast™Infotic™ Pro, 3 lines of text crawl with various speeds, an animated logo and digital clock can be displayed simultaneously.


Multiple Layer Compositing and Playout

Monarch Brodcaast™Infotic™ Pro has the multi-layering functions allowing you to build and control multiple layers of graphics. All graphic elements & layers including animations are blended and rendered in real-time. Monarch Brodcaast™Infotic™ Pro will deliver single physical output channel while allowing the operator to maintain complete control over each individual graphic element independently.

Strata Compositing enables real-time compositing of multiple independently controllable virtual channels into a single physical channel. Use it to output multiple graphic layers – a ticker, a clock, a station ID, live video, for instance – as a single physical output channel.

Multiple Line Text Crawl 

Monarch Brodcaast™Infotic™ Pro supports 3 lines of text crawl simultaneously. These lines can be played back in either direction (left to right or right to left) simultaneously with variable speed for each crawl line. These lines can be placed anywhere on the screen with adjustable height control and placement feature.

  • Individual ticker line can be put on or off
  • Text messages can be updated on line without affecting the live feed
  • Text Messages can be moved up or down for last minute changes
  • Text messages can be imported in any crawl line from any external.TXT file
  • Script save and load option saves the settings done to crawl line   and can be recalled anytime along with text messages.
  • A graphic Image or a color bullet can be inserted between two messages within the crawl line.
  • Maximum 3 images can be inserted between these messages for separation with adjustable image size and vertical text position.

Multi-Language Font support

Monarch Brodcaast™Infotic™ Pro has full Unicode font support. Text crawl in any Indian language which supports Unicode fonts can be edited and displayed with this system. Each crawl line can display messages in 3 different languages and different colors. Built-in virtual keypad helps in typing the messages in 8 different Indian languages. This feature helps in typing the message by even a less experienced operator.

Full-Color Station Logo with transparency

Monarch Brodcaast™Infotic™ Pro can be used to insert a full colored static or animated station logo. Static graphic image with transparency or 32 bit animated AVI file can be displayed on the live video feed and this logo can be placed anywhere on the screen.

On Screen Clock & Date

Clock and date display are the part of the online ticker system. Monarch Brodcaast™Infotic™ Pro provides on line clock and day and date insertion anywhere on the screen. You can select the color and font style of the clock & day and date. The clock presets allows you to quickly set-up the time and day and date.

Built-in Scheduler for crawl lines, clock and logo

Monarch Brodcaast™Infotic™ Pro supports display of individual crawl lines, clock and logo according to time and date. Built in scheduler can put all crawl lines, clock and logo on the air at specified time and date and takes them off the air again at the specified time. This features helps in scheduling the display of messages during the specified time period only. It also helps in running the ticker in an unattended mode once it is scheduled according to the time table.

Easy to use Graphic User Interface

Monarch Brodcaast™Infotic™ Pro has a very easy to use graphic user interface. This helps in reducing the operator training time and reduction in system set-up and installation. Master on/off puts all graphic elements on or off the air simultaneously.

As Run Log generator for billing purpose

The built in As Run Log generator records the On Air display of text messages. The record is generated on daily basis with time stamp for every record. The customized log reader helps to sort the messages with Meta tags and time period and generates the report for the billing purpose.

Technical Specification

Composite (CVBS-1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohm) (BNC) – 1
S-Video (Y/C 4 pin mini-DIN) - 1

Composite (CVBS-1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohm)(BNC) – 2
S-Video (Y/C 4 pin mini-DIN) - 1

Unbalanced (RCA) Stereo input – 1

Unbalanced (RCA) Stereo output - 1

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