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Monarch Twister™Pro is the most innovative and high tech solution for the videographer.

This revolutionary product promises to provide a new dimension to live and post production video mixing.
Monarch Twister™Pro offers the videographer a unique tool for live video coverage of any form of events, whether it be corporate, religious, educational, live performance or wedding.
Monarch Twister™Pro supports live video switching with completely integrated 3D / 2D real time video effects, live key, titling audio mixing and DVD authoring. It is powered with non linear editing tools for post production requirements.

It's advance technology completely syncs video and audio. This makes the product a complete live production system.

Monarch Twister™Pro is a power house for live production and post production needs of the videographer.

Monarch has earned a respectful position through focus, innovation and robust product development for video and photo industry.


  • 8 Live video & 2 DV inputs
  • 1 VGA input (loop out and composite out)
  • GoLive (Real-time Switcher)
  • Inbuilt digital recorder
  • Digital VTR for scheduling video
  • Linear & non linear editing in real-time in single machine
  • New alpha wipe with sound effects
  • Web streaming
  • Multi Viewer
  • Inbuilt breakout I/O panel with Isolation
  • X-Trim 2.3 : (HD/HDV/SD)
  • Montage Pro 2.3 : Instant Promo creation tool
  • 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Tally
  • 4U Robust rack mount cabinet

Monarch Twister™Pro 4.0 New Features

  • Instant transaction and media search engine
  • MIC and line recording simultaneously
  • Digital VTR with remote control
  • Background input capturing
  • NTSC support
  • Tape less media support
  • GUI - new look and feel
  • X-Trim 3.0 & MontagePro 3.0

Monarch X-Trim (Non linear editing solution)

Monarch X-Trim is specially designed to do faster editing. Now with the launch of new tapeless cameras, it is possible to do editing with tapeless format. It supports almost all tapeless file formats & for HD editing Monarch has provided more than 5000 ready to used transitions in real time.

Biggest benefit of X-Trim is that you do not need to render in HD with 3D or 2D effects, as they are all in real time. Hence the preview is in real time.

Faster Export in X-Trim

It is one of the fastest rendering solutions for HD/SD editing. As the 2D/3D effects are in real time, no rendering is required for preview and for exporting it is fast too. Multiple tools have been provided for fast export. It is also possible to export a project while editing another (which means at the time a project of one customer is being exported, simultaneously another customer's project can be started for editing)

Features of XTrim New Version 5.0.1

  • Output preview format & resolution selection
  • Hold Transition duration
  • Find gaps on time line for fast & convenient gap less editing
  • Detect Scene and Smart Cut on segment
  • Direct export from Timeline
  • Export selected timeline when editing with multiple timeline clips
  • Acquire Audio/Video
  • Insert clip between segment on Time Line
  • Tag any transition, Filter, Generator or Clip for easy searching
  • Search option lets you easily find desired transition, filters and clips from a huge library
  • Instantly open Monarch Photo Art or Private Media tools
  • Scrubbing audio mute
  • Audio track key framing can be added with simple double click
  • Transition saved with fixed duration (Duration defined while saving the transition)
  • Block Move tool on whole timeline
  • New file format support: MXF File with DV, DVCHD, DVCPRO Codec, MOV with ProRes Codec (Ninja), Photo JPEG, PNG, Cinepak, MJPEG A, MJPEG B, H261, H263, H264, DV, DVCPRO
  • Realtime Filters
  • Star Burst
  • Bubbles
  • Flip
  • Magnify
  • Mirror
  • Cookie Cutter
  • Auto Contrast
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Levels

Twister™ Pro Package Contents

  1. Monarch Twister™Pro Machine
  2. Installation Discs
  3. Windows® 7 Home Basic (Embedded Anti Virus)
  4. Corel™ DVD Movie Factory 7
  5. User Manual
  6. Warranty Certificate
  7. Release Note

Hardware Specification

  • Video Input streams - CVBS x 8, YC x 8, DV x 2
  • Video Output streams - CVBS x 2, YC x 1, DV x 1
  • Windows® 7 Home Basic (Embedded Anti Virus)
  • Audio input RCA (Stereo) x 4
  • Audio output RCA (Stereo) x 1
  • VGA Input x 1
  • Headphone & Microphone x 1

Recommended System Configuration

  • Intel® DP67BG
  • I5 @2500 3.29 GHz
  • 1GB x 2 DDR3
  • ATI HD5770 (Dual DVI)
  • 1TB x 1
  • 750 Watts
  • Windows® 7 Home basic OS
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