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Mr. Viren Satra

( Chairman and Managing Director )

Mr. Viren Satra started his career as a videographer in the 80s. Subsequently he started trading in Videography editing solutions made by MNCs. Under his leadership, the Company has brought out some trendsetting products and has also established itself in the broadcasting industry in a very short time. It is his passion and vision which have resulted into a commanding position for the Company in the market. His three decades of efforts have won the Company numerous prestigious awards. Under his guidance, the Company has been able to successfully breakthrough into new product segments.

Mr. Donagh Sequiera

( Vice President-Broadcast-Technical )

Donagh Sequiera is a well-known figure in the Broadcast Video Industry in India with 24 years of Broadcast Experience in various capacities. He has handled most genres of Television and has designed, developed, products, installed facilities and trained people in this industry. Having started a career with Sony, he went on to found many start-ups and has contributed significantly to the Broadcast Industry in India. His responsibilities are to give direction to the development of various path breaking products at the Company. The job includes an understanding of market requirements, work flow issues, standards and specifications.

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