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Monarch Virtuoso™ 200 is a trackless 3D virtual studio system which has 2 live camera inputs in SD-SD1 format. With Monarch Virtuoso™ 200 , you can change the way your channel looks On Air.

3D sets are an integral part of the Monarch Virtuoso™ 200 system. Thanks to its powerful hardware engine, Monarch Virtuoso™ 200 is able to render complex 3D scenes in Real-Time delivering astonishing photo realistic results.

The simplicity of Monarch Virtuoso™ 200 belies its power to deliver sparkling and sophisticated presentations, may it be news, talk shows, game shows and a myriad of other application possibilities.

Monarch Virtuoso™ 200 is powered by new iPASS technology to achieve optimum processing power. All inputs and outputs are now put in a separate break out box, outside the main system thus reducing the heat generation inside the server. This feature lends full stability in 24x7 working environment required by broadcast industry. Monarch Virtuoso™ 200 allows you to add virtual tilts, pans and zooms from a static camera in perfect sync with the 3D virtual set. You can create the illusion of multiple cameras with one stationary camera by coordinating multiple angles, such as wide, medium and close-up views- whether you're shooting head-and-shoulder or full-body shots.

Monarch Virtuoso™ 200 system has multi level chroma keyer. You can key and adjust chroma backgrounds with individual parameters, thus aiding the removal of shadows on backgrounds in a very efficient manner, and keeping the live images very sharp and artifact free.

Monarch Virtuoso™ 200 is designed for broadcast and professional applications and priced competitively. The Monarch Virtuoso™ 200 system is an ideal Hardware and Software solution for the broadcast industry.

Monarch Virtuoso™ 200 system will enhance your production, and help deliver a sophisticated look to all genres of programs with quick set-up times.

Virtual sets can be enhanced with reflections and shadows for real life features. These feature lend a more realistic and natural look to the live broadcast and production process while retaining a low cost environment.


  • Trackless 3D virtual studio system.
  • Powered by new iPASS technology
  • Digital VTR with remote control
  • Multiple virtual cameras & switching.
  • Advance multilevel chroma keying
  • Support for real-time advanced shader materials.
  • Automation for media switching.
  • Real-time shadows and reflections.
  • Monarch Motion Designer software for creating virtual camera motions (optional).
  • Real-time hardware based 3D rendering.
  • Client-server application for live graphics update.
  • Easy to use interface.


Trackless 3D virtual studio system

  • No expensive camera motion trackers required
  • Seamlessly integrate live talents with 3D virtual set in real-time
  • Multiple virtual camera display & switching
  • Easy to set virtual camera positions
  • Variable motion speed for virtual cameras

Real-time hardware based 3D rendering

  • No pre-rendering of 3D virtual sets
  • Render complex 3D scenes in real-time
  • Powerful hardware engine to render full anti–aliased scenes

Live & pre-recorded source input & output

  • 2 live camera inputs in SD format
  • Pre-recorded media source input
  • Dynamically update input source

Media Gallery

  • On-screen media gallery for organizing graphic and pre recorded video clips
  • Organize files scattered in different hard disks in separate categories.
  • Edit the content in a non-destructive way
  • Mark in, mark out feature for media clips

Shader materials

  • Real-time shader can be applied to 3D objects
  • Shader like glass & metal gives realistic look to the set

Advance chroma keying

  • Multiple levels of chroma key setting
  • Shadows on the background removed very efficiently
  • No color spills or spatial effect

Graphic file and AVI overlay & update

  • Dynamic foreground overlaying module
  • Overlay 32 bit images, AVI & text instantly
  • Update graphics on-line through the client-server solution

User friendly GUI for easy operation

  • Very easy-to-use GUI
  • Mouse-over preview of virtual camera positions and movements
  • Preview of live & pre-recorded input sources
  • Simple drag and drop operation

An affordable virtual studio solution

  • Same studio space to be used for multiple productions
  • Small studio space required
  • No physical sets required
  • Better man-power utilization
  • Saves time, space, money and energy
  • Library of ready-to-use virtual sets

Application Areas

  • Live news, election news, sportscasts & talk show
  • Game shows, entertainment programs & music videos
  • Creation of advertisements and promotional clips
  • Virtual classrooms for distant learning systems.
  • Corporate in-house presentations and training


Television Standard PAL/NTSC
Video Format 625i PAL, 525i NTSC
Aspect ratio SD mode 4x3/16x9
Video Sampling 4:2:2
Audio Sampling 48 kHz / 24 bit
SD SDI Video Inputs (SMPTE 259M) 2
Video Outputs  
Component (YUV) / S0video / Composite 1
(Selectable any 1 of the above analog output)  
Audio Input (balanced XLR Stereo) 2
Audio Output (balanced XLR Stereo) 1
Genlock Blackburst
Genlock Loop Out  
Device Control  
Sony Compatible RS422 Deck Control Port  
Sony Compatible RS232 Deck Control Port  
Video Bypass on Power Failure  
iPASS Technology  
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