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Monarch's Virtuoso™ is a complete trackless Virtual Studio Solution. The simplicity of the solution belies in its power to deliver sparkling and sophisticated On Air presentations for various genres of programming, be it News, Talk Shows, Entertainment, Kids Show, Education shows, Game Shows and a myriad of other applications. Monarch Virtuoso™ is fully equipped with advanced tools to unleash the producer's creativity and deliver superior content. With a simple set-up and an intuitive user interface, it is an extremely powerful and versatile tool in the hands of operator.

Monarch Virtuoso™ enhances the production and helps deliver a sophisticated look to the programming. It enables the producer to perform various virtual motions from a static camera. The producer can create the illusion of multiple camera setup with just one stationary camera. With its powerful hardware and comprehensive graphic engine, Monarch Virtuoso™ is able to render complex 3D environment in real-time delivering astonishing photo realistic results.

Monarch Virtuoso™ enables production in minimal studio space and yet deliver a perception of a grand studio to the viewers. The solution uses 3D sets developed in 3D Studio Max® this completely eliminates the need of physical set and its construction cost. The producer can produce multiple programs in the same studio and ensure optimum use of the studio. The broadcasters can have multiple set options for production, delivering fresh look to the programming.

Key Features

Depth of Field

Depth of Field

Depth of Field is one of the most important enhancements in Virtuoso 2.0. This feature exactly emulates the behavior of real optical lenses of the physical cameras, thus lending a shade of reality in 3D virtual set environment. This feature improves the depth of the virtual studio enhancing the production quality.



Virtuoso™ 3000HD can import multiple animated 3D objects from 3D Studio Max┬«. With the help of grouping it is possible to group many 3D objects and apply unified transformation. These objects can be added, removed or moved as per requirement. The behavior of these objects can enhance programming.

Realistic Sets

Realistic Sets

Virtuoso™ 3000HD delivers more realistic sets through enhanced Motion DesignerTM. Motion DesignerTM is used for compositing virtual sets and creating virtual camera motions. Virtuoso™ 3000HD is capable of real time replacement of media objects. This helps to re-purpose the sets in real time. The sets also look more realistic due to behavior of media and 3D objects.

Global Camera

Global Camera

Global Camera is another major feature added in the Motion DesignerTM software. Field of view provides improved perspective view to the entire scene. Global camera has enhanced the ability to create motions by manipulating the position rotation and field of view parameter. It is possible to manage virtual camera from the existing virtual set with Virtual Camera add or delete function. An anchor can also be placed anywhere in the set in real time. This helps to handle last minute changes in the script

Chroma Key

Advance Chroma Key

Virtuoso™ 3000HD has a new Chroma key algorithm based on a COLOR MATTE technology. The Chroma Key module is re-designed to deliver a simple user experience. Correction matte is added to achieve better chroma results even with unevenly lit backgrounds. The algorithm includes post key color correction to match the lighting condition.



Virtuoso™ 3000HD has option of partial redundancy. This feature is implemented through the tactile keyboard. Two Virtuoso™ 3000HD Solutions can be connected to single tactile keyboard. If one system fails, emergency button on tactile keyboard will allow the user to switch to other system. Usual operations will be mirrored on both the systems providing same status and avoid any accidental on operations.







Advance tools to deliver rich and realistic programming

  • Depth Of Field
  • Global camera with Field of View
  • Animated 3D Objects with Skin Mesh
  • Instantly Add & Delete Virtual Camera
  • Grouping of Objects to easily control 3D objects in the set

Advance Chroma keying

  • Advance algorithm based on COLOR MATTE technology
  • Correction matte to achieve better results for unevenly lit backgrounds
  • Algorithm powered with post key color correction to match the lighting condition

Live & pre-recorded source input & output

  • Simultaneous Input Streams: Up to 5 inputs in SD & 3 inputs in HD, in a single virtual set
  • Pre-recorded media source input in SD & HD formats
  • Online preview of incoming live video inputs

Media Playlist

  • Replace media files used in the virtual set and build a playlist of media to be used during production
  • Look ahead preview of the media clip in the playlist
  • Mark in and mark out to execute last minute edit

Graphics Overlay & Update

  • Overlay 32 bit images, text & video clips instantly
  • Graphic overlay with fade effect. Dynamic foreground overlaying module
  • Update graphics on-line through client-server solution
  • Create, edit and display text crawls in multilingual fonts

User friendly GUI for easy operation

  • Easy-to-use Graphic User Interface
  • Mouse-over preview of virtual camera
  • Preview of live & pre-recorded input sources

Monarch Tactile Keyboard

  • Enables Switching, Media Selection, Playback,Graphic, Text Crawl and Video Overlay
  • Enables production through a single switcher panel
  • Lights on the tactile keyboard help identify the sources and their availability
  • System mouse and keyboard are in sync with the tactile keyboard, status of the mouse or system keyboard reflects on the tactile keyboard

Monarch Motion Designer™

  • Enables to import Virtual sets from 3DS Max along with their mesh & textures
  • Enables the producer to position the virtual camera and perform virtual motions in real-time.
  • Powered with advance features to deliver realistic look to the programming
  • Enables the producer to import an animated 3D object in the set

Monarch Image art™

  • Image Art enables the producer to instantly create graphic or text elements and overlay on virtual set for On-Air graphic display.
  • Bundled with ready-to-use elegant graphic templates.
  • Incorporates text in the image with an built-in character generator.
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